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Personalised Cookies

Personalised Cookies

Gone are the days of old boring round cookies, now we need to get creative and that’s what Mr Cookies is all about.
We have reinvented the word personalised cookies, and let me tell you we can customise and make practically anything possible.
We have so many different flavours to choose from, as a standard cookie flavour we only offer Vanilla sugar cookies for all our Sugar Cookies listed on our website, but if you have a custom order and require more then 100 sugar cookies then you have the option to choose from:
Personalised Cookies Mr Cookies
– Vanilla
– Choc Chip
– Orange Poppy Seed
– Lemon Poppy Seed
– Orange
– Lemon
– Chocolate
– Ginger
– Vanilla Chilli
and these are just our sugar cookie flavours, we have so many New York Style Cookie Flavours as well.

Choc Chip Sugar Cookies

Custom Cookies

Yes, We can design custom cookies in any shape, any size, any colour even your logo. We can make your logo as the cookie. We have done it for so many clients already. Me Cookies can shape the cookie as your logo. Yep!!! you are reading right. imagine the custom cookie in the shape of your logo? That would be great right.

Custom Sugar Cookies

Customisable Cookies

When we say customisable cookies we mean it, for large corporate orders, you can customise everything including, flavour of the cookie, the size of the cookie and the shape of he cookie.
Now talk about being a customisable cookie. If you are feeling brave and want to try and personalise your own cookie and design the shape try it now with our very own build and design your own cookie. 8cm Custom Cookie6cm Personalised Cookie.

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