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Bakels Fondant

Bakels Fondant

Pettinice is a Ready To Roll fondant by Bakels, it is considered one of the finest rolled fondants. in Australia. Pettinice yields consistent superior results, ease of use and delicious flavor.
Bakels Fondant

Bakels Fondant PETTINICE RTR is a (ready-to-roll) ICING which is specially developed. It meets the trade demand for a reliable, consistent covering for all special occasion and can be used for decorating all kinds of cakes, cookies, and Cupcakes

It is extremely smooth and handles perfectly for all baking, decorating and can be covered without blemish.

PETTINICE RTR ICING is manufactured for use directly from the carton or sachet. It is best stored at between 20−25°C to bring it to the ideal consistency for working.

The icing should be kneaded lightly before rolling out to the desired size and thickness.

When using Bakels Fondant, the work bench should be lightly dusted with sieved icing sugar or cornflour.

PETTINICE RTR ICING can be coloured as desired and is the perfect consistency for making decorative roses, flowers, sugar animals and so much more.

Note: The bulk icing should be kept airtight in the carton by carefully folding the polythene liner over the product after use.

Pettinice Icing is available is many other colours including, Red, Green, Orange, Blue, Black, Brown, Purple, Pink, Yellow and the list goes on.

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