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About Us

We are one of Australia most delicious cookie shop, Specialising in NY Cookies, Personalised Cookies, Custom Cookie Cutters & PYO Cookies

Our Story

From inception Mr Cookies located in Sydney has been about making food for family and friends, to bring their special occasions to life with food. From a hobby became a passion.

We continue to push boundaries from round cookies to custom cookies of all shapes and sizes, with a blank canvas there are no limits to your creativity.
You can order personalised cookies with a simple click of a button.
It has never been so easy to design and build your own custom cookie.

Our full range of personalised sugar cookies and delicious soft gooey cookies, we can bring joy to your occasion.

Contact us to bring your creativity to life at your next occasion, offering custom cookies and personalised cookies.

We have recently introduced large New York Style Cookies in our Cookie range so find out more on our online store.

Our Commitment

High Standards

We at Mr Cookies make sure that all of our designs are hand crafted to the highest quality, meeting our strict quality standards before being delivered to your door.

24 / 7

We work around the clock, offering a diverse range of services, from personalised children’s cookies to high volume corporate cookies. If you need custom cookies at your next occasion contact us.

All In One​

No need to worry about anything, we have a team of specialised designers and bakers that can support all of your customer cookie needs.

Customer Feedback​

We are here today because we listen to customers feedback. If you want to provide any feedback on how we can improve contact us today.

Mr Cookies​


Mr Cookies originated from Candyland, in Lollipop lane close by the chocolate river. When Mr Cookies was walking around Marshmallow Valley he realised that the world was full of sweetness & deliciousness.

Mr Cookies stumbled into a pile of sprinkles meeting the one & only Miss Sprinkles.

Both Mr Cookies & Miss Sprinkles decided to share a piece of Candyland with everyone.

Download our complete range of colouring in pages for kids.

New York Style Cookies - Mr Cookies

Miss Sprinkles

Decorating Queen

Buy some Sprinkles from our new range,
from our online shop.


Mr Cookies is passing on a traditional family recipe that has been used for year, with in our family. We make only the best flavored cookies that clients continue to rave about all the time.


Whether you want Mr Cookies to make your custom made cookies or you want to get very creative and create your own cookies we have it all here under one roof.


We have a passion at what we do and we do it great. What makes it more rewarding is all the feedback and testimonials, that we receive from our customers it makes it all worth it.

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